About My Speech Templates

Giving a speech soon?

Few of us have the time to sit down and read one of the hundreds of excellent books available for writing a speech and public speaking. If you’re not the type to take a home study course or watch to educational videos because you are flat out doing more important things with your life, my Speech Templates are made for you and are the perfect solution to your problem.

If you have to give your speech tomorrow or next week and don’t really have the time, or the inspiration or the experience to get the job done as well as you would like, let me be a part of your team.

I have been a speech and public speaking coach for over 30 years. I have written, delivered and prepared literally thousands of great speeches in my career and now I can share this know-how with you through my most popular speech templates here. My Speech Templates are designed to help you prepare and deliver your speech quickly, painlessly and without fuss.

It’s almost as easy as joining the dots.

Each of my purpose built speech templates will help you deliver a great speech regardless of the occasion – even if it’s TOMORROW morning!

All you have to do is download the speech template you want, fill in the blanks to adjust your speech template to suit your topic, people and occasion. With a little rehearsal you and your speech are good to go.

Minimum preparation, minimum pain, and no need to worry about making a mess of your speech.

It really is that easy.

As an intro special for my updated website all of my Speech Templates are on sale, just $19.95 a piece. That’s not a lot of money for peace of mind, is it?

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